Long Lasting Aroma- Nero by Duccio Pasolini

How many times have your spritzed on a fragrance that only lasts a couple hours? Frustrating, to spend time finding the perfect scent just to reapply every couple hours to maintain the longevity.

Nero by Duccio Pasolini is changing just that, as an intense, yet elegant men’s parfum.  A fresh blend of wood, lemon and lavender brings along a long lasting, vigorous aroma with hints of oriental flavor. 

For instance, Nero is grouped as a manly, aromatic fruity parfum. It is expected, last up to 8 hours (or longer) as it contains up 18% oil concentration, allowing the user to eliminate multiple sprays throughout the day.

Quality Notes

Top: Lavender and Lemon

Heart:  Pineapple

Base: Moss

Floral lavender and juicy begin as the top notes followed by sweet pineapple and a base of moss, creating a bold and fierce fragrance.

Key Notes: Aromatic, Citrus, Sweet, Woody & Fresh Spicy.

Not only does this aromatic combination succeed in using for both day and night, even the pickiest of perfume consumers will appreciate the dauntless qualities of this masculine scent.

Nero by Duccio Pasolini


The semi-translucent bottle is encrusted with pyramid-like shapes on all four sides of the crown and side handles of the container. 


Black- Sophistication, Elegance, and Mystery


Following the labels suit, Nero’s box carries the characteristic, watercolor splats on the sides, a black cover with a gold seal bottom center that it contains 18% fragrance oil.

Therefore, if you are looking for a long lasting aromatic perfume, Nero is your winner!

Cloud by Ariana Grande

The number one perfume to hit stores earlier this year is ‘Cloud,’ a fruity floral gourmand by celebrity singer Ariana Grande. Combining the fragrance with the release of her hit single, “Thank you, Next,” it was sure to be a winning duo. 

A luscious blend of creamy coconut and sweet pralines can have you floating on a cloud wrapped in warm and cozy feelings. The smell is nostalgic, bringing back fresh reminders of my childhood youth walking into FAO Schweets. Can we say whipped cream and cotton candy!

{Insert ‘Candy Man’ Song.}

This sweet and unique treat can turn any frown, upside down. The best part is the son of renowned perfumer Max Gavarry,  Clement Gavarry is the creator of this remarkable scent! He is also the 2004 Fifi Award Winner for Prada-Prada, which is the Oscars for the perfume industry.

Up to this point, Ariana’s scents have been classed as ‘too girly, light and sweet. Not Cloud, which is exclusive to her line opening up with bergamot, lavender, and pear, a warm heart of whipped cream, praline, coconut, orchid, and a finalizing base of wood and musk. A complete change to the usual is adding a whiff of a cupcakes ‘red icing’ and a hint of robust.

Quality Notes

Top: Bergamot, Lavender, and Pear,

Heart: Whipped Cream, Praline, Coconut, Orchid

Base: Wood and Musk

Not only does this heavenly aroma last (sometimes to the next day, even THEREAFTER a shower), it is an Eau de Parfum which is made with 15%-20% oil concentration.


Cloud speaks for itself as, well, a cloud, with a pale blue translucent moon emerging from the top, crowned by a pale blue cloud. Cloud comes in 1.0oz, 1.7oz, and 3.4oz at most retailers.


A hypnotic blend of blues, purples, and pinks diagonally climb a cube-shaped box with Ariana’s name written in a one-dimensional white cloud with the parfume name ‘Cloud’ in white just below.


Blue – Serenity, Secure, Stability

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