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Welcome to a new, exciting source about the fragrance industry… style, beauty, personal expressions, and trends…The Perfume Times!

Our love of fragrance has inspired us to express a passion for exploring new scents, wearing classic ones, and motivating you to want the most recent, popular perfume and cologne updates. We want to share tips, debunk the myths, and validate the tricks.

Let us captivate you with some of these teasers:

  • Perfume reviews of new releases, must-haves, and niche scents
  • Complete your wedding event style
  • Why citrus is not all lemonade
  • Mixing floral with floral
  • He’s business by day and busy at night

We’ll also encourage you to start, or even grow, your desire to expand your collection. For many of us, it’s an addiction…mostly in a good way. There are so many scents that can change your mood, tie to a specific event, or tell a story; so why shouldn’t there be alternate fragrances from your signature scents?

Coming up in our next blog is an instant hit that was launched in 2016. It portrays a seductive scent, yet offers a sensual and softer feminine vibe. In a gorgeous, classy bottle (that is not even a bottle) that is coveted by women, yet intimidating to men, the face of the fragrance is Karlie Kloss. Want to find out more? Our review will be revealed soon.

So, we encourage you to check-in often. Share your feedback with us. And let’s take this Perfume Times journey together!


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