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Of the six fragrances released in 2019, and five of them are flankers, the newest male creation for Dolce&Gabbana is “K.” 

Nearly everything about it is similar…a similar scent, similar note composition, similar bottle, and similarly GOOD! In a surprising launch, similar is not always a bad thing.

This fragrance seems to unintentionally take these likable features from other colognes and make it work. It’s not a copy, but nearly collaboration. 

Many reviews suggest the same. “Similar to other fragrances, but taken well.” “Respectable sillage, average projections, and familiar, but pleasantly appealing.” 

According to the brand’s website : 

K by Dolce&Gabbana is a fragrance that captures the essence of a man in his element. He is the king of his everyday life. He follows his own path, cherishing his family, and loved ones above all else. Effortlessly charming, and not afraid to show his vitality, he remains true to his roots, respecting tradition while embracing modernity.


The simple tall, upright, rectangular bottle is similar to Yves St. Laurent’s Y. However, its gold crown cap with inlays of blue adds unique character, fitting for the scent’s name. Available in sizes of 3.4 oz. (100mL) and 1.7 oz. (50mL).  


The box is deep ocean blue with a gold outline…similar to Versace’s Dylan Blue. Center-inscribed is the crown design and the maker’s name.


Gold embodies the lavish wealth and blue for masculinity and ruling stature. 


Eau de Toilette (EDT)


Top notes of citruses are similar to Dior’s Sauvage, but a twist of juniper berries rises to the top. The pimento essence is the difference-maker among the heart…rare and captivating to make you warmly enjoy it.

Finally, the bases notes of patchouli, vetiver, and cedarwood allow a smooth transition to earthy tones, yet similar to Dolce&Gabbana’s own The One Gentleman.


Additional, complementary products are the aftershave balm, aftershave lotion, shower gel, and deodorant. Here, a man can enhance the same aroma throughout by layering and moisturizing. 


Italian influencer, model, author, designer Mariano Di Vaio is the face of the fragrance. Not only is he leading his entrepreneurial business, but he is also the head of his household as a husband and father of three. Another king of everyday modern life, in business and family. 

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