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Gabrielle “Coco Chanel” was once quoted as saying, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

In fashion, being different means being trendy, re-interpreting the classics, or even igniting a revolution, but certainly not following the mainstream look. In the beauty industry (that which fragrance is included), being different is new ingredients, more performance, or evolutionary scents.

However, Chanel’s in-house perfumer Olivier Polge is taking a gamble on the new 2018 Line Les Eaux de Chanel. Three fragrances constitute the collection, and all three are simplistic, common, and even similar (not different) to other scents already on the market.

Each of them is marketed as unisex Eau de Toilettes. All of them have a minimalist-inspired bottle of thin glass that comes off as a cost-saving expense.

The one difference in this line compared to other Chanel perfumes and colognes is the celebration of Gabrielle “Coco Chanel” and her beginnings. Inspired by the three cities of Deauville, Biarritz, and Venise, these locations are critical to the history of the empire of Chanel.

Line Les Eaux de Chanel

The first fragrance is Paris – Deauville


In 1913, Chanel opened her first fashion boutique in Deauville.


“A lively, naturally radiant freshness” that incorporates green basil with Sicilian Orange to produce an aromatic and citrus scent.


Paris – Biarritz is the second of the three fragrances


Biarritz is a seaside city where Chanel drew international clientele, mainly from an adjacent casino, to her first couture house in 1915.


Sicilian mandarin and lily of the valley create a refreshing scent that reminds us of the sea and fresh air among it.


The third fragrance is Paris – Venise


1920 becomes a turning point for Chanel’s fashion inspiration as she discovered Byzantine and Baroque art.


As a fresh and oriental fragrance, warm notes of vanilla and tonka bean interact with fresh neroli.


Instead of being different, these three fragrances are following the already produced unisex Eau de Toilette’s of Bel Respiro and Boy Chanel, and even the ladies Chanel No. 5 L’Eau. These, too, are marketed as fresh and light and all launched in 2016.

The last highly effective unisex fragrance was CK One, and it did (and still does) very well. Is it irreplaceable? NO.

What was uncommon 10 years ago, is common (and not different) in 2018. As for Les Eaux de Chanel, time will tell. A risky introduction, but Chanel is Chanel.

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