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July 2018 was a good year for perfume releases by celebrity personalities. Here at The Perfume Times, we reviewed the most recent KKW fragrances in our August 13 blog. Now, we will inform you about Britney Spears’ newest scent, Prerogative.

Spears’ first release was “Curious” back in 2004. Since then she has been Elizabeth Arden’s top performer by grossing over $1.5 billion in sales from 24 different fragrances. Spears is not only the “Queen of Pop”, but she is also one of the perfume industry’s top fragrance entrepreneurs/collaborators.

Yet another unisex fragrance, Prerogative is marketed as a “fragrance for all”, meaning it is “gender-less” and for all of her supporting fans. Spicy notes intermix with earthy and fruity accords to give it a balanced feeling of being grounded and yet empowering.

Prerogative Review

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Actually, it’s quite feminine with a light, rose pink center and a dark pink accent around the sprayer. “Prerogative” is engraved in the bottle’s glass center. Available in 1.0 ounce (30mL), 1.7 ounces (50mL), or 3.4 ounces (100mL), the suggested retail starts near just $25.


Black and bold, bright, hot pink packaging contains the fragrance. In addition to the perfume, gift sets containing the perfume, body wash, and body lotion are available at select retailers nationwide.


Neutrality is suggested with the black accent color, while the primary color of hot pink inspired confidence and self-assurance.


Eau de Parfum (EDP)


Pink pepper and goji berries are introduced as the top notes. The middle notes consist of calla lily, latex petals, and saffron that give a floral and spicy heart. Finally, sandalwood and amber provided the earthy foundation.


Like only one of the most successful female artists ever could do, Spears (now 36 years old) released her promo video via her own Instagram post. She loves social media as a way of connecting with her fan base.

Teens and twenty-somethings will love it as much as her older fans that have grown up with her since the early 2000s. Although we really don’t see many guys actually wearing this, the guys that do will be her fans, too. Give her credit…a talented, accomplished, and decorated entertainer but also a successful business marketer that has put her on the Forbes list among the wealthiest entertainers.

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