Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

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In our inaugural blog, we promised our commitment to perfume reviews, updates, and new releases. This first fragrance review has them all. We shared,

“An instant hit that was launched in 2016. It portrays a seductive scent, yet offers a sensual and softer feminine vibe. In a gorgeous, classy bottle (that is not even a bottle) that is coveted by women, yet intimidating to men, the face of the fragrance is Karlie Kloss.”

So, which fragrance is it? Good Girl by Carolina Herrera! Yes, this fragrance is soft, yet powerfully seductive. Ladies, you will get awe-inspiring attention from your girlfriends, as well as distracted, complimentary attention from the men.

Good Girl by Carolina Herrera Review


The bottle is a black and gold stiletto that is masterfully designed. Just as walking in a room, with each step you display confidence and femininity, so, too, does this bottle evoke all that a modern woman wants style, class, and independence. Most commonly found in a 2.7 ounce (80mL) or a 1.7 ounce (50mL) bottle.


The slogan,

“It’s Good to Be Bad”

It is adorned on the front of the box, also featured in black and gold, and white.


Black represents mystery and elegance, while gold depicts wealth and glamour.


Eau de Parfum (EDP)


Top notes are primarily almond and coffee; heart notes are jasmine and tuberose; base notes are tonka bean and cocoa. A perfect mix of light and dark notes, the fragrance exposes the duality of a women’s personality.


This fragrance also has four flankers:

  • Good Girl Glitter Collector (2017)
  • Good Girl Swarovski (2017)
  • Good Girl Velvet Fatale (2018)
  • Good Girl Legere (2018), most recently released


Karlie Kloss grabs you with her elegant, mysterious, confident, and seductive look. Walking down the city street, her long-legged stature of over 6’ in a very becoming side-split, black evening dress, and her flowing blonde hair leads up to the focus of her powerful stride…black stiletto heels. A city girl (born in Chicago and raised in the St. Louis area), she now graces her beauty between the cities of L.A. and NYC.

Ladies, this is a must-have fragrance for your collection. Not only does it have a beautiful scent, it “feels” empowering and sensual. And, the bottle alone makes one think of femininity. Available at most department and perfume stores nationwide, find your stride to try the Good Girl Collection.

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